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Server Update

• The server anti-cheat is updated;
• Increased no-building area radius at the throne bridge. Now, you can't build on resource nodes. The King is forced to build his castle near the bridge, but not directly on the way on it;
• Decreased totem maximum time from 4d to 3d;
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
03 May 2021

Website Update - Music Player

We've added the «Atmosphere Broadcaster» section which will include randomly chosen music from the game or other medieval themes. We'll extend the list of random tracks from time to time and hope you'll catch something special. ;)
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
20 Apr 2021

Server Update

• Updated the SACE Anti-Cheat to work more precisely.
• Server name is changed: «AntiGlitch» replaced with «AntiCheat». You are still able to log in by an old name (if you have it in history or favorites, but you need to send an empty password field to join, otherwise just re-add it).
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
01 Apr 2021

Server Status

Reign Of Kings

Atmosphere Broadcaster

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