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Happy New 2021 Year!

Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
31 Dec 2020

Server Update

• Added restriction that prevents chests from being lootable immediately. Only the owner or his guild members are able to loot chests normally.
• Fixed projectile damage outside of the crest zone.
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
30 Dec 2020

Server Update

• Fixed prefab and crest placement near the throne bridge. You can't now build a castle or build a stairway to the throne using crest. If King needs to protect his throne, he must occupy the nearest lands, but not a bridge itself.
• Fixed the abuse with resource harvesting from stations. If you damaged the station once, you will not able to pick up and place it again.
• Fixed double message about the server restart.
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
19 Dec 2020

Server Status

Reign Of Kings
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