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Server Update

• Updated the SACE Anti-Cheat to work more precisely.
• Server name is changed: «AntiGlitch» replaced with «AntiCheat». You are still able to log in by an old name (if you have it in history or favorites, but you need to send an empty password field to join, otherwise just re-add it).
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
01 Apr 2021

Server Update

• Added /pos command to determine the current player's position. It can be used to send coordinates of the event to an admin.
• Improvements in the SACE.
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
04 Feb 2021

New Server-side Anti-Cheat Engine

We recently added a new server-side anti-cheat engine (next: SACE) that regularly checks all the players online. We're already caught a couple of cheaters in automatic mode. The secret of strangely disappearing crests (or even whole bases) is revealed: they've attacked the building blocks causing infinite damage (values like "5.764608E+17"). It was such a surprise for me that EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) integrated into the game wasn't able to catch those hacks. Now, you may feel more secure playing our server. SACE of course isn't a panacea that solves all the problems, so if you think someone passes through both anti-cheat systems, you're free to open a ticket and submit a report, we'll analyze the report as fast as possible, as we usually do.
Publisher Avatar Manwë Admin
29 Jan 2021

Server Status

Reign Of Kings
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